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If you think you know what it feels like to see a big change in the size of your penis … think again! Within days of taking Xantho-5X you’ll experience the blood-gorging power of America’s #1 rated and #1 Selling penis enlargement pill. Armed with the ultra-advanced PDE-5 Vaso Expanding technology, Xantho-5X beings to work the very first time the time-released capsules come in contact with the two chambers of the penis.

No other penis enlargement pill will produce the immediate or long lasting results that Xantho-5X delivers. To understand why it is so different from any other pill on the market, and why is flying off the shelves at retailers nationwide, and with a re-order rate that is second to none – all you need to do is take a look at the science and see just how different Xantho-5X is from the competition.

Xantho-5X uses a 4-stage physiological cascade to amplify nitric oxide to its maximum physiological levels in the two penile chambers. First, the key compound in Xantho-5X moves through special penis membrane-bound transporters, sending signals to flood your system with nitric oxide. These new N.O. molecules activate the key signaling enzyme guanylyl cyclase (GC), which produce cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). Together, these powerful mechanisms relax the walls of your two penile chambers, allowing for extreme hyper-vasodilation and the most incredible penis size increases ever seen!

Xantho 5X works Faster

Beta -2 Receptor is a Key!

About 20 years ago, the Beta-2 andrenoceptor became legendary virtually overnight when bodybuilders began to notice the incredible effects certain asthma drugs had on developing lean muscle.

In short, this receptor, when activated, can increase cAMP, which activates Akt signaling, which results in decreased muscle catabolism by decreasing expression of various muscle specific ubiquitin protein ligases (e.g., atrogin-1/MAFbx), which are thought to be responsible for muscle protein degradation...

Furthermore, working through cAMP and non-cAMP mediated mechanisms, ultimately results in increased activation of mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling...

In a nutshell, it can potentially prevent muscle from breaking down, while also increasing muscle size...

If this weren't enough, by also increasing cAMP in fat tissue, Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) is activated, which stimulates lipolysis and can potentially lead to a reduction of fat mass!

The Beta-2 Adrenoreceptor

Penis DNA

Spillover – Avoid At All Costs!

You see, your body not only has Beta-2 receptors, it also has additional closely-related receptors that most compounds in this class have "spillover" towards – meaning they activate the Beta-2 receptor, but also activate others...

...More is better right? Not in this case...

Related receptors are located on places other than muscle & fat – so that's why some potent Beta-2 agonists come with nasty side effects like extreme jitters, cramping and an overall "feel like crap" day in and day out...

...It's not the Beta-2 activation that causes these issues - it's the spillover...

Xntho 5X

Super-Selective Beta-2 Activity

Independent third-party research has uncovered compounds that are found in food that are so selective, scientific data shows it almost exclusively activates Beta-2 in vitro...

This lead to the formulation of: Xantho 5X.

Super Critical Extraction Process – A Key Difference To Xantho-5X’s Incredible Effectiveness

People assume that all herbal extracts are pretty much the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is no means an accident that Xantho-5X is the most effective male enhancement available. Its success and effectiveness at enhancing the size of a mans penis, in large part, due to our Super Critical Extraction Process – the cleanest, purest way to extract the plant. A great herbal extract starts with great fresh herbs, but doesn’t end there, no more than a fine wine starts and ends with the grape. SizeBonics is deeply respectful of both the herb and how it is extracted, so that we can deliver the full spectrum of the plant’s health-giving phytonutrients.

We utilize a Super Critical Extraction Process for Xantho-5X that uses no hexane or solvents, producing a wholeness of herbal extract that was unprecedented at its introduction -- and still rare today.

Super Critical Extraction

This advanced extraction process yields a superior herbal extract that is highly concentrated, and far superior to the common industry powdered herbal formulas.

The Super Critical Process is extraordinarily complex and high-tech, but at its core we think it is rather easy to understand. Here is a short “botany” lesson: there are two major groupings of phytochemicals, or plant constituents, that are generally extracted. One type of plant constituent “likes” water, and is thus willing to be dissolved in water (like in making a tea, which is simply a hot water extract) or a related solution like ethanol. The other type of plant constituent “dislikes” water, avoids it totally (like oil and water!), and is thus unwilling to be dissolved in it. These water-avoiding constituents are fatty or oily in nature, and they are willing to dissolve only in “lipophilic” or fat-loving solutions. To extract an “oily” constituent, people conventionally either dissolved the herb in a chemical solvent or heated the herb to beyond boiling, evaporating out the water-based ingredients. That is the sum and substance of conventional extraction: a water-loving constituent either can be dissolved in a water or alcohol solution, or it is fatty or oily and needs to be dissolved in a different manner. We should note that some lipophilic substances can be extracted with ethanol, but it is not the preferred extraction method for those substances.

Super Potent and Highly Concentrated

By now everyone has heard about plant “polyphenols” and essential oils, and people just assume that when they take an herb they are getting all of the herb’s beneficial constituents. People also assume that herbal extracts are pretty much the same, like bottled water or jars of peanut butter. Maybe, people think, there could be some slight flavor variations, but water is generally water and peanut butter is peanut butter. But these are profoundly incorrect assumptions for traditional herbs, for the beneficial effects of an herbal extract depend on a number of important and precise factors, starting with the quality of the fresh botanical ingredient.

Industrial Solvents? Never.

Most other brands use harsh industrial solvents like hexane and acetone to extract their herbs. These same chemicals are used to make varnish, paint thinner, nail polish remover, glue and are even used in dry cleaning. Do you really want these residues in your herbal supplements?

How Supercritical (Hexane-Free) Extraction Works

Rather than using a chemical solvent to extract the herb’s nutrients, like a dry cleaner would use chemicals to remove a stain, we use a natural compound: compressed carbon dioxide (CO2). It’s a harmless natural gas found in the air we breathe and absorbed by plants every day to sustain their life. And unlike chemical extraction, our process doesn’t contaminate the herb, the environment or your body. We then highly compress this natural gas so that it “rushes through” the natural source with incredible force and speed. This gives you an extract that is all-natural, super potent, super pure and full of the precious, vital, life enhancing plant ingredients your body needs.

How Xantho 5X Works

Xantho 5X represents a long overdue progression in the fundamental evolution of men's nutraceutical product development.

Penis DiagramThe L-Arginine enhancement in Xantho 5X, coupled with Xantho 5X's proprietary blend of naturally occurring ingredients, are specifically targeted to the male anatomy region of the body to increase a man's erectile capacity, erectile strength, erectile endurance level and overall erectile quality. The starting point for this process is made possible by stimulating the natural production of Nitric Oxide in the body.

What's the catch? The problem with Nitric Oxide is that although it is the effective natural vasodilatation compound known to man, it has a very short life span. As a result most male enhancement formulas of the past have fallen short by relying solely on L-Arginine as the means to improved erectile quality. The problem is the L-Arginine has a very short lifespan of 3 to 7 seconds, so the burst of vasodilatation it creates is difficult to sustain unless coupled with some type of time-release delivery system. That is why the only published clinical studies on L-Arginine that were effective in helping a wide variety of erectile problems required you to take over 3,000mg of L-Arginine a day. While effective, this is not very practical for most men.

Take Advantage of the Erectile Benefits of Xanthro Rx and get Larger, Firmer and Fuller Erections, Maximized Erectilem Size and Mass, Increased Sexual Stamina and Energy, Revitalized Sexual Ability, More Forceful Orgasms, Accelerated Frequency of Intercourse, Improved Erectile Quality

Another critical reason Xantho 5X is so effective is our mode of delivery. Along with a former pharmaceutical product developer, we have pioneered a unique delivery system called Rapid Expansion Technology. This technology allows for a quick release of specific compounds, along with a delayed, bell-curved shaped release matrix of the remainder of the formula. This allows for a targeted and even-release pattern of the compounds.

In summary, Xantho 5X is a natural compound that helps you improve all areas of your erectile functions, and may even protect elements of your immune system as well. Xantho 5X represents the ultimate boost to your Erectile Quality

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